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Couples Date Night Token Jar

Couples Date Night Token Jar

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The perfect gift for couples looking for fun and unique date ideas! 

This glass jar is filled with 31 tokens that range from exchanging massages, ethnic cooking nights to hot cocoa at a coffee shop. 
A fun way to try something new and start some interesting conversations! 
Pick out a token and use the suggestion as the starting point.

The lid is make from Bamboo and can get personalized with your first names or last name.
The tokens are made from 1/4 baltic birch with a natural finish.

Because of the nature of bamboo when it is engraved, some layers may engrave darker than others. This is a normal occurrence with bamboo and not a defect.

Made From:
Bamboo lid with glass jar, tokens made from 1/4 baltic birch non-stained

The jar with lid attached is 4" x 4"
Includes thirty one 1/4" baltic birch tokens 1.5" diameter

Safety Information:
Due to small parts we advise that this product be used for ages 3 and above.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to help and thank you for checking out my shop!


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